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in every case of forceps delivery. Indeed, it is a serious question
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and its institutions into the very forefront of medical life in
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nerve terminals are rendered succulent, and as a result sensation
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London by lamplight, and lastly Berlin and Vienna, where the language
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sion for our wind, and therefore I won't say anything more about it.
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in regard to mechanical contrivances and appliances. Homoeopathy
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also consecrated to the more important service of promoting the
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away with the manure. As seen above this is so commonly found
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-doctor's offices ; the cellar is a sort of basement kitchen, floored, with a fire in it. It is the
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(c) Auto-condensation. In this method the patient lies on
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b. What should be the nature of the anaesthetic employed?
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stand what the American operation is ; you take the mucous membrane of the rectum from
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Dr. Gray — Never, except the communication may have been indirect. I do not know of
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vanic current, interrupted 100 times a minute, passing over the
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fessional standpoint, for the reason that he had been ])roscribing remedies of which ho did