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be said to have passed away, after having slain about
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vast influence and extensive cii-culation of the Times
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visceral layers of the pericardium may be unattended with any evi-
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gress. But, while the study of this division of para-
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Friday ^S estminster Ophthalmic, 1.30 p.m.— Royal London
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and attention to the skin, included salines, digitalis,
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the acidity of the urine was restored, it sank to 0.13
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for giving country Fellows a vote by paper ; but how
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them by night into the harbour, street-gratings, or
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same time cui-ved forwards. This singular deformity
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(a) Idiopathic hypertrophy at maturity up to the age of 50, 76
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Duchek saw it only once in 89 cases, Bamberger but four times in 63
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districts the same amount of mortality of infants is
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consists of concisely recorded cases illustrative of the
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"""I^^ ^=^'*«!'-S'Tgeon William M., Royal Artillery, to be
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understood the opposition of the surgeons even in the middle decades
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were foi-med by an aggregation of smaller particles
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fidence. In reply, we can assert, without fear of con-
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words, that the poison is less prolific in their bodies
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been formed synthetically ; but that it consists of
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that it was not until the medical practitioner resigned
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Dr. Berenger-Feraud himself. The physiological j useful in severe exacerbations of mania. The bro-
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the proper mode would have been to tie up the artery
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when they do not exceed the size of a bean or hazel-
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r'B, was carried uiiaiiinDuslj-. Not a ainKle hand was, as far as V
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I'Acad. Soy. de Med. de Belgique ; and Gaz. Med. de
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from accidental duties — that is to say, excluding
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reference, or merely hint at the probability of this
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Anatomy at the Liverpool Iteyal Infirmary School of Medicine.
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an epileptic, had been in the asylum thirteen months.
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portant general laws, especially the immutability of
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at Bedford, where he carried on a general practice,
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cil, the decision will give no surprise. Some might
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wife and children, for example sake — the pecuniary
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Moreton, James Earl, Tarvin, near Chester ; April 11, 18S3