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merchant by occupation. He received his education in the public

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from 10 to 15 millimetres (o'39 to 0*59 inch) in diameter,

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in the schools of tliat city. He also commenced the study

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important being on " Metastatic Parotitis," a subject which

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"Orthopedic Observation in the Treatment of Anterior Poliomyelitis" (Ar-

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opathy ; of the Chicago Academy of Medicine ; and of the

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thorough course on histology and histological technique

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York, remaining with them as a clerk for about two years. He then

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those under the happy instruction of Dr. Gross. , . .

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M.D., Martha E. Mann, M.D., Fannie M. Morris, M.D., Myra F.

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One is given : the tongue clears, and the condition for two or

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as in the removal of splinters that are partly adherent. We

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in a light dog-cart ; in wet weather a carriage may, perhaps, be more comfortable,

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rare, and is possible only in the early stages. For the encouragement of the

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very severe venous bleeding with extensive external wounds,

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The early education of Dr. McKernon was obtained in the district

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aminers, that there may be left no loophole of temptation to

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Kentucky, Louisville. His mother was Synia Higgins,

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breathing ; from time to time extensive inspiratory and

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in 1877 the degree of Master of Elementary Didactics was

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of Pediatrics, January, 1898) ; "Tubercular Cervical Lymph Nodes,"

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Case 6. — Mrs. R. was treated, years past, for ailments inci-

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concerning the best substitute for human milk. Certain formu-

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and fissiives, depressions, slight grazings, grooves, single perfora-

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"Progress of Cystoscopy in the Last Three Years" (N. Y. Med. Jour., Jan.,

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which have been observed and subsequently published.

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icine by membership in the American Medical Association, Academy of

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about the propriety of giving water in this disease, some claim-

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New York, in 1861 ; and was consulting physician to the Northeastern

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time giving only what may be considered reliable ; following the

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and Zweifel, of Lcipsic; Leopold, of Dresden; and the

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