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There is a difficulty, which I have no doubt will suggest itself to many
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tartar emetic, and salines, during collapse, at short intervals. . (Tartar
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-affected it is principally the constitutional diseases that lend diffi-
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by surprise, so to speak, and they do not contract, it lifts,
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about the hospitals at Cape Town like flies round a honey-pot, and
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of fixation, save, perhaps, at the extreme outer part. The diplopia is
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lution of carbolic acid were applied, and frequently
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situation is ludieved to he a very rare one for primary caici-
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neers of the ballot for the removal of -Mr. I. Baker Brown from
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very large, with the lens presenting beneath the cornea, an inci-
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and occasionally it even absorbs moisture from the air.
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well marked in the lower limbs, but none in the arms nor in the neck, the
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shows that the characteristic symptoms have been observed only in a
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phenomena. As has been narrated, just before the defervescence, the
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historv of the Observatorv, the svstematic use of both of
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The dominant pathologic conditions as diagnosed before death or
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wall. Practically, we are perhaps talking about the
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the men who come to his attention is the motivation
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different from themselves. Careful examination has, however,
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without relief from ice, diet, &c., when I suggested spirit of
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ital. 1895, Pavia, 1890, xiv, 137-217, 2 tab., 5 pi., 2 ch.— Owen
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the bowel upon itself in such a way as to prevent the passage of its
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justly called the " Forest City," with its miles of paved and
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option also available. One in four coverage. Call: (203) 248-
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canal, giving origin to an apparent constipation, and in some