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As a further precaution, it is advisable that the Syrup should be

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bad. In Cocillaiaa a glucoside is credited to Eckfeldt, whereas in 1893

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tied, and most of the wound was closed by suture. The day after the

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being used. In cases of moderate distention the intestines were allowed

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also a good preservative. If it were possible to mount specimens permanently

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that calcium given in the form of the lactate enters

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still one inch below its normal positiou, but the first sound is booming

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Harris, H. I., First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.

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Reilly. — \n Far Rockawav. New York, on Wednesday,

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Gibb, studying the criminal aspect of venereal dis-

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health was good until eight years ago. Her weight then was 118

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should be ordered to carry the arm in a triangular sling for another

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Philadelphia; executive council. Dr. Dwight H. Murray,

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of trial. In the midst of the battle he finds himself

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antifungal shampoo containing chlorhexidine miconazole or ketoconazole

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i. e., the urogenital sinus. Therefore, we should not expect to determine

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first cast noticed being nine days after the attack, and

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that it is necessary to resort to greasing of the skin.

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and elementary training in medicine for foreign mis-

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ney was twice successfully removed for neoplasms. Unfortunately in

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of cases, an emboHsm into a branch or central artery

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the educational opportunities afforded. The truth of this proposition

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as a final host. In such a case the parasite is en-

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prevent this. Rectal palpation furnishes the most useful information, as in

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and of the ureter came under the writer's care at Mount Sinai Hospital.

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sion, it is neither constant nor pronounced ; and in

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left elbow when a child, and two years later the right elbow. No union

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extended into the rectus if necessary. He closes the wound by passing two

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had nothing that day. I introduced a stomach tube and

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ward is replaced, well or ill, by an attitude of mind

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in these cases, by an exaggeration of Xaegele's obliquity, by which the pos-

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before. The stools were light brown. No itching. Di-

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view of Kolisch that the alloxuric bodies are increased in gout, and that the

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it will be found convenient for refreshing the mem-

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excellent results. That this is so is undoubtedly due to the fact that

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