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29. Gabbett. Indian Medical Gazette. February, 1910.

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generations, and under the stimulus of fertilization

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to space, light, ventilation, and general sanitation

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cates greater curvature. V . indicates umbilicus. P. M. indicates

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passed quarantine, he usually turns up at the United

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the aetiology, symptoms, and treatment, with a demonstra-

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cology has migrated too far afield from the clinic.

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alded by pain rather than by change of size, position,

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throat, left iritis, and gummatous ulceration of the

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cTmia have been relieved after twenty or thirty in-

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peutics" reports the results of certain experiments,

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is accounted for by the brief period intervening be-

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were required in numbers sufficient to afford separa-

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indicative of the earliest signs of pulmonary tuber-

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marked surface energy — it is the osmosis between

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ford them for their researches. Until February i, 191 1,

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for .\ugust 27, 1910, the Jniirnal dcs praticiens of

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teen vessels would have four hospital ships attached, which

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the point that the leucorrhoeal discharge in the cases

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icate diphtheria from the State. The supply of anti-

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show the relative morbidity of the sexes in and out

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dium is now spoken of as the "invisible" light, it is

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tervention of any. new or independent injury or dis-

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Germany differs in its pharmacological properties with the

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lide ; two cases of tuberoulcerous syphilide in which

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toxic eft'ects produced by an ever dose of digitalis,

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process a distinct alkaloid, pscndaconin — with a

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