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Accumulation of carbon dioxid in the blood and tissues

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41. Oenerd adhesions, the patient dying exhausted during tlieir

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impaired, but I had not the means at hand of examining carefully the condition

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2. Mental Pathology and Therapentics. By W. Gbhsikoeb, M.D.

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metal on iron is the best test, when it exists only in minute traces.

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The child has frequent slight sore throat or "colds."

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was at first but slightly prominent above the eye, had become greatly developed

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ference, 59; average, 126. According to Billiard, whose observations were

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a quantity of loose cellular tissue; upon carefully removing which, a denser

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It is easy to substantiate all the statements made by M. Rouge t

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no brain proper. And now for the first time can the reaction

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tion advocated by sanitarians and architects today.

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believe that the small tradesman and artizan can obtain medical

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panies its progress; it is not proved that such is the case in 'typhus.' The

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more and more, since it was the surest preventive we yet possessed against the

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fortunately proved that the gloomy anticipations which I had formed

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rior of which no vessels enter, not even the minute ramifications of the biliary

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^ A simple and ready means of photographing the back of the eye wonld be an

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whole, and subjected it to the usual experiments without finding an atom

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remain colourless, the alkaline fluid becoming yellow. Hffimatoidin,

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mild, as shown by the chwu)ter of the yegetation ; the country is

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prevails inversely as the personal cleanliness of the com-

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GLisoN, M. D., Prof. Institutes of Med. and Med Juris, in Jefferson Medical

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and of these in the liver in 69*4 per cent. In the lungs it

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tumour weighed 3950 grammes, and was an example of foetal inclu-

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strychnia was injected into the pronator muscles. The dose in this

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presents a view of the general movement of the population to which the two

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occasionally, inflame and suppurate, thus placing life in jeopardy

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high temperatures are much better borne when the air is

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two isolated outbreaks, one on board the ** Dreadnought" Hospital Ship, in the

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there any serious symptom, still less any fatal issue, arising

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the right side; whilst the venous blood from the deep portions of the limb was

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operation, as there were no unpleasant symptoms in the case. By evening the

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sustained, supported and proved by facts deduced from accurate statistical