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morphosis of the contents of obliterated capillaries. These nutritive
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when the disease affects the legs. Long elliptical strips of skin and the
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D. Bulklej", and, in accordance with such appointment, pre-
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show upon their surface the whitish thickening and loosening of the
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Ref: Jahresb. d. gesammt. Med., (1893), 28, I, 651.
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results of imperfect observation. It is not the mineral waters which
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improve the liver-disease, they may do much to arrest its progr ess .
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to communicate to them individually the instructions which we give hereinafter,
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discharge from the urethra ; the only evidence of any trouble
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province, but in the provinces of physiology, pathological anat-
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dyspnoea, too, may arise through compression of the lung, so that, as
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appeared as a narrow band or ring. Still more recently Michaelis * has reported
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some circumscribed part appear particularly to cause . this distention.
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culture is easily obtained by transplanting the granules to artificial media.
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frequent vomiting. The diarrhoea improved so that the bowels were practically
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ence, gradually increases in size, so that at the point of open-
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not possess the heretofore supposed immunity against intestinal parasitic
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analogous to fermentation, going on in a decomposing mate-
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