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medical societies, all hospitals in New Jersey, all district
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animal models to predict the response of human tissues and
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ficulty of definition the evaluation methods have developed
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' them, when the course over them is as direct, it would seem
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The blood from severe cases of influenzal pneumonia was inoculated
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degrees of vital action, are given in Dr. Davy's Researches, vol. ii, p. 83.
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1 Youngs DD, Niebvl JR, Blake DA, Shipp DA. Stanley J. and
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place and the patient was relieved. He was kept in bed and
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4. Currie AR, Gibson T, Goodall AL: Interdigital sinuses of
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A3-462.— (1) Tip the living snake out on the floor. (2) Place a
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incidence there is a growing need for improved techniques for
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* Proceedings of the Zoological Society,' 1840, pp. 43, 132; and 1842,
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Application for Space in the Scientific Exhibits must be submitted no later than January 1, 1979 for consideration
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in comfort, and all or almost all motion passed by the rectum,
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be able to ascertain the causes of that coagulation, either in
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vene which permanently block the lumen of the vessel.
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*^ Gerber's Anat. 8vo, Lond. 1842, pi. 28 ; 249-50.
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As a rule, twelve to fifteen or more criminal offenders
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lished in 1731, several years before Dr. Hunter wrote.
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subject, a majority report and minority report were sub-
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probably not below that proper to a patient under similar
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be repeated." In a footnote he adds, "I must admit, how-
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been equally diffused through the whole mass, and there is no
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few patients for whom pretherapeutic determinations were
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He was the first to examine accurately the fluid of the
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doing my duty, it has been that I might some day leave my
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quently receives a very large quantity of blood, and for that
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and shall contain space for the physician’s or other pre-