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perfectly cured; at the end of a month, however the paroxysms
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* Vide Murchison in St. Thomas's Hospital Reports, vol. ii.
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prevented by very deep narcosis or brain compression, fall (rf
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tumors are situated in the cerebrum oftener than in the cerebellum. The
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It has been shown above that the nervus petrosus superficialis
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large foramen (fig. 4, S.F.) in the alisphenoid bone. 2) The
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ring especially at night. The sweat emits a notably sour odor. In con^
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cal School, Park-street; without whose patient, cordial, and
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differs from neuralgia in the limitation of pain to the affected muscles, in
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value for the normal is based on table 1 and the starting-point
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TuE American Journal of the Medical Sciences, published qnar- ") -,. ^
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that the period is very rarely, if ever, under eight or ten days, and that
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ances, and to circumstances which may be suspected to have a causative
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Anatomical Characters. — Aside from lesions belonging to concomi-
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of a similar length introduced occasionally, as advised by some
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In most cases the cancerous affection is circumscribed, but occasionally
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marriage, who are apprehensive of incompetency to accomplish coition.
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of red corpuscles notably diminished ; the fibrine augmented, but with
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from the sick to the well, under ordinary circumstances it is not diffused
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substance, present an appearance which has been compared to a sheaf of
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smaller placenta and empty it into the umbilical artery, to be
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nerves and producing spasm of the vessels. Assuming this to be a
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sharp and intensely impregnated endings of neurites in the synapse
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retains the essential chriracters which rendered the
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times do not take to the bed, but keep about their usual avocations, not
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dicted with considerable confidence. The diagnosis of disorders of
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developed. The cases now referred to were called b3' Louis cases of
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head of peiniicious intermittent fever. In young children convulsions
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direction opposite to the paral3'zed side. On the other hand, meningeal
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or felt at its extremity, that affections of the spinal cord are not
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prolonged for the disease to be considered as chronic. In this form of
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with diminished sensibility and not infrequently with more or less dimi-
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connected with them, is comparatively easy. Fistulse, and even
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ence of paral3'sis in this situation is indicated by a nasal intonation of the
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old persons, and for some of the varieties in its termination. I
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bod}', or horripilation, and the appearance familiar as '' goose-skin" are