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more often have indicated aneurism, even without the physical

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method of Furbringer. By this procedure it is possible,

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proliferative changes, and, as a result, the mesentery is shortened

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A catheter was passed and tied in ; some abscesses, which afterwards

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several patients. It was plain that the druggist had put the

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food, of sore breasts, of a sense of fulness at waist —

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pected tendencies back of most kinds of wit and has

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ing part of this paper was that in which he explained how the

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ing county. I tried a great variety of remedies, but the best

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of the stomach. It has also been found useful to relieve

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tificates are less than twenty years of age. These, as a

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phlegm. He asked Dr. Donelan if he applied the cautery at almost white heat,

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leucophlegraatic appearance of skin ; uterine walls unusually thick — softened

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at a distance of 300 yards in their rear. This and the following vil-

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undergoes extensive hepatic metabolism in which 2% to 4% of the

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Old, with Recovery. — V, A. Latham finds little in the liter-

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Warnings: Caution patients about activities requiring alertness (e g., operating

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benefit of the profession, if we did not take the first

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man at this table entertains a doubt — in the same paragraph

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that tubercle bacilli may be present in butter, buttermilk, margarin,

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injury; tracing them upwards, above this point, they were perfectly healthy, except that

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Coccyx." " Coccygodynia " was the term applied by Simpson

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be got down ; but I think it a question whether beef

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With an increasing fungus the treatment must be directed

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stopping place it was late in the evening. He was cold, and hungry, and very