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Professor of Obstetrics, the Diseases of Women and Children, and Clinical
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At the same interval after it a Madeira glass of hydro-
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2. The tissues were taken to the laboratory where additional
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effects, and so fatal in its consequences when neglected or over-
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which a gentleman unaccustomed to the use of opium, took nearly an ounce
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larly in the affections of mucous membranes, its effect is to bring* on
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twenty-four hours; at six months he will probably take about six
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place. 2. From the presence of a corpus luteum, the opening of which is
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the kidney. The incision is, however, only practicable when there exists an
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until transparent. Add a few drops of sodium hydrate
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by tbe Library of the Sarseon-General's Office, the historical mono-
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pure intoxication from the excessive or the perverted
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urine from fats, it appears likely that acidosis as a condition can be
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FOUNDED 182i QF PHILADELPHIA ^^"s^fll^N^E'^l^a^^''-
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this remedy by subcutaneous injections till slight evidences of strych-
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Th>: Editors will be glad of Iht assistance of Sirrefiries of Societicb in kctjnnij
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structure, ecclesiastical in character, so arranged and placed
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issue is not permitted unless its purity is beyond sus-
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Died at Edinburgh, on the 27th of October last, Dr. James Hamiltoa
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and a glass drainage-tube was introduced. A thick layer of
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with it the nutritious elements of that valuable vegetable, or that he would
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sible. The trunk of the foetus has got jammed into the pelvis with the head
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fresh infection of the peritoneum is apt to occur, and the risk of abscess
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or the man dies ; the machinery of life stops as certainly as a clock ceases to tick,
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If the diarrhoea still persists, milk should be abandoned, and
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made of ordinary simple gymnastic exercises, on simple ap-
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were shown which proved that the fractures were in the middle
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its antique progenitor, still presents many new and promising traits. Its practi-
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be in the form of dilatation, especially if the strain has been
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