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right calf, but when lying down the contraction dis-

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This has been proved, furthermore, by F. Hamburger, who showed

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ary diseases.] Voyenno-med. J., St. Petersb., 1890. clxix,

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with scabies, but there is entire absence of communicability.

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goitre hoarseness and the sensation of a foreign body may be associated with

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Dec. 1897) and Hunting ( Veterinary Record, 8th Jan. 1898) on that subject.

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ment is purely conventional, diseases of the pelvic organs, with their

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ment. because that is a modification of the abductioi

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occurred after those of the lower. In 2 of these cases the

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mentary to some remarks published last year by the same

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sure. It is of importance to notice this fact, because it seems very pro-

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per day. The emetic should be repeated once in three or four

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fibres do not cross at the decussation of the pyramids in the Inillt, hut j)ass

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the effect on the developmental progress that can be

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1, 1889. Par. 5, S. O. 74, A. G. O., March 30, 1889.

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Physical examination discloses a well-nourished girl, of good

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pulse was or was not insane and irresistible (impuissance de la volonte) ; yet

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Southern men, they are as thin and gaunt as they ever

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states of system, when the coexisting inflammation be-

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and eyes to the opposite side, and with motor speech and (?) writing, are

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Acne keloid (Acne keloidienne, Nackenkeloid, Dermatitis papillaris

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are really cases of chronic inflammation, and in these a

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the floor or a bed, upon his back ; then the practitioner seizes the dis-

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use even of the hand, and solely by the action of the

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acid, pure, is laid in the track and allowed to remain for a

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pies of the original circulars to the gentlemen invited to servo are

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tical Society secured the insertion of the following clause in

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air or remaining in damp clothes is a frequent exciting cause of acute

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ous. According to Bastianelli and Bignami, they are situated about

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casions a precipitate. Filter, and evaporate the solution. 94

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tlij paper or report is to i)e read. It shall also be the

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omit the idle words. 25 jefaelb, O. 28 ppamaft, H. 97 prS,