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to exact amounts of organic carbon or nitrogen, albuminoid ammonia,
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tendency to returning tranquillity and repose, and I wished to follow up
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Dr. G. W. Crile gave the Society a rare'treat in the
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The provisions of the statutes and regulations provide a constitutionally
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may be involved (hysteric psevdocyesis). Hysteric rotary spasm, hysteric
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Then Ayain. of Bordeaux, took up Braidism, encouraged
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injections. The serum is considered to be of most value in
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fulness, feels healthy. Uterus normal in size and freely movable,
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cases is, I think, proved by the apparently incurable impotency in the
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drink a pint or a quart, if possible. This will have a tendency
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easily controlled. When serious hemorrhage occurred
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He was given seven doses of salvarsan and five intraspinal treatments with
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are distant from our large cities, for a notice of im-
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academic departments of the universities— Ph.D., for
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and the heart, exhausted by its morbid activity, causes a passive congestion of
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with Newell 4 he tried 26 strains of B. proteus on egg-meat medium, blood
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thalmoscope sliowed that the retina in the affected area had
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wandering pains in the limbs, which are usually couaidered rheumatic,
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perforation, which was up under the diaphragm. The tissue
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tal she took a teaspoouful in the course of the day. On returning home,
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sisted of twenty-eight. "We regret not to have been informed how many
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and boisterous, and continued so for a full month without interruption,
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United Kingdom and, out of an annual subscription of
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