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nously with 20 million units daily, the cure rate in-
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2. The spiral (dolobra repens). a steep spiral, in which the turns
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(the edges overlapping in the axilla), give similarly good results. They should
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Much rivalry exists for the position of receiving physician of
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clude military medicine in the curriculum, that it is
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of taking them suddenly from nomadic life and thrust-
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Important contributions to the subject have been made by Saxer.^
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the occipital bone. He has seen a head in which the left
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operation. The second advantage is that by these means a pre-
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solution. The plates may easily deceive the surgeon by giving an
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fenestrated SchriJtter tube of small calibre. These were
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cially common when there is a certain interval of time between the first
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normal urethra at the end of a week. The speaker then showed
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and increase it daily. Farinaceous food should be given in very small quantities,
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ing been cut, the carotid sheath, with its contained
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the centripetal tracts, and hence requires a greater ana-
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eases immediately on entering the dispensary, not allow-
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sary to remark that that which accomplishes the results
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residing in Paris, may be considered of sufficient interest to have a place in
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case I have had the opportunity of watching, /ro//i the first with
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according to their structural relations with the normal tissues of the
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administration of smaller doses of the iodides. Perhaps the most bene-
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how many have been compelled to linger out a miserable
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receive every possible attention ; but, alas ! the necessities of life
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Adverse Reactions: Yohimbine readily penetrates the (CNS) and produces a
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procured. In the third the plaintiff was sent for by the
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or any subsequent attack. Having suffered from urti-
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Pathological Anatomy. — This is based chiefly on the examination of
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phatic tissue of about a quarter of an inch in thickness.