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Periosteal tuberculosis, as, for example, in the ribs and other bones
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Concretions. The expectoration of concretions which have been
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before in the medical literature, show that ^o the bottom of the vessel in the form of
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and even moderate use of alcohol for many years, especially of spirituous liquors,
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able by naked eye examination of the particle of fibrin and that indi-
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involving the face, neck, chest and anterior surfaces of the
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that ''Winther of Andernach never used a knife except for
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myself that such doses were of any value to the circulation, and
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some cases, after the bowels had been thoroughly evacuated,
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and among these states its temperature is, in his eyes, of chief
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subject. In the comparatively brief time at my disposal this
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men is contraindicated in the first or second trimester, and
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abdominal aorta, near the coehac axis. Nearly the entire wall
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than he has been before when his day's work was ended. On weigh-
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Squibb, it certainly misrepresented, unintentionally, undoubtedly, the facts in the
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lesion that was the primary focus. Of the drugs u.sed in
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but rather to use injections of warm water. If the physician is pre-
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of the pelvis was hollowed out into a large cavity, containing about
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yellow fever on the 12th inst. ; one employ*'' of the
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ternal ' inflammation ' and the turbid state of the media, as a rule, disap-
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Vision: O. D. - 15/200; O. S. - 15/10???. External appear-
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unable to walk or move his limbs voluntarily. He was, there-
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cent., the number of blind had increased 140-78 per cent.
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an almond, from the female bladder, removed through the urethra.
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cient to maintain the specific gravity of the urine at about
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and delirious. He died on the fourth day. Just before death
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obtaining equally from this syrup. — A. B. Lyons, in
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be held at Westbury- Mount, Menai Bridge, the resi-
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tj-pe, has been prevailing for some time, and still prevails in