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A. D. Leith Napier. Roy. 8vo, pp. 322. Scientific Press. . Net 7/6
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ulcers are dry, a condition which often occurs in phthisis.
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yet reached such a status as to enal)le it to afford guidance, to therapeutics,
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pathic hyalitis" of which he narrates the history, had its orijrin in the use of
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tries who may chance to come to my city, I extend a
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substance has become involved in the inflammatory process.
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had put the new rule ahead of any of the older forms — the rule
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hydrogen by the atomizer. After a few applications a largo
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occupying a straigliter line from outer to inner canthus than when
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tion it was dull, passed but little urine, and the head and
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attended to. The floors should be sprinkled often with
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than that produced by water or air. Tracheotomy was safely
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was reported by me, from Dr. Sexton's aural clinic, a case
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The lymphatics become filled with exudations and cells, and infection
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system, disconnected from volition ; respiration, deglutition, digestion, and
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cent, solution, macerated for three hours, over the entire
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Dr. A. B. Brabazon ; Mr. K.Jefferson ; Dr. Dick ; Mr. Richard
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458. Also, Reprint. — Scott (H. F. ) A contribution
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on the right side at a somewhat lower level than on the left. Both
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hernia by operation generally is, that it is quite exceptional for
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these germs, admits of practical application, and is in this respect a perfect
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astonished at the extent to which it has been fulfilled. Before the
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of the vessel, the greatest number involving the ascending portion of
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was likewise a trying time. "I like you; do you like
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and disagreeable winter months are warning signs that
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subacute or chronic, may be associated with any of these.
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on the individual whois the unfortunate host of the
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alone in those cases in which all authore agree that
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blood ; much venous stasis exists in the lungs ; the right cavities of
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fully in the decisions that are made, decisions that may come
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set up, so that the infection became exceedingly concentrated and in-
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subarachnoid space of the brain at the places where the
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strong ones. The pedicle, which was about 7.5 centimetres (3 inches)
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Caddy (1895). British Medical Journal, i. 136 (Hippomane Mancinella).
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case where the mother died of pneumonia between the seventh and
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from that to which it had been formerly applied, naturally led at first to
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eclectic schools) a representation as follows, to wit : Four (4)
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in any of the cases. The white appearance was probably due to the taking