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treatment of m.orphinism I certainly have not found internal

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filaments that are given off chiefly from the pneumogastric, and in many cases

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solution of potassium hydrate just before using. From this mixture

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removed the needle, and there was no more ^ Hospital, St. Petersburg, gives an account

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Metz, &c. Sic.,' with a Reiiort read at the Royal Academy of Medicine at Paris, Sept. 17,

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avoid as much as possible the term idiopathic as applied to

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result, occurred in our own experience, — one of the .patients

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same day, and were brought from the vicinity of Sixth

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is that unless constant control of the legislature be had, there

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the radial pulse was still almost imperceptible. The urine, of

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confidence cannot be allowed while physiological knowledge re-

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servations" and the accurate record of facts should

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tions from them, and the minute animals living in them, responsible

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the microscope numerous platina particles are seen uni-

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week or after the eleventh day, and maintains that crises also occur on

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Crocker was able to confirm this from several cases, although it whs

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term, the "neurasthenoid states." There are here present two

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ertion. Upon one occasion he fainted soon after leaving the house

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shins may be, the calves of his legs are not only not warmed, but

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of numerous cases either simultaneously or in quick succession, at points

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varieties. Such are naphtha, asphaltum, \ of this ultimate composition.

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But whilst there have been hundreds of successful General

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B. If in mild form this seldom requires medical attendance.

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the movements were usually suspended, but not invariably.

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the profession and the community, and now see their

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The action of diuretics upon dropsy, resulting from heart-diseaae, is,

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serious injury. Second, to faults of the operator — insufficient ex-

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tell why a certain remedy affects a certain part, but he knows that it does