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thority the protiodide of mercury mainly owes its reputation and exten-
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meio do electro-iiuan. Uniao med., Rio de Jan., 1886, vi,
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pad, and the woman is none the worse for it. The duties of a
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132), should read : " Daniel Webster was addicted to an
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Daligny, Dr. Charles: Montgomery County Health Department 65
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duced." — (Percivall's Lectures on the Veterinary Art)
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at different periods, for various ailments, as diarrhoea, chronic rheumatism,
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ner' s first case,' after an epileptiform seizure with loss of
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By education he was well fitted for the position. He was an
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time, comparatively speaking, a member of that Society, but during that
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induced the appearance of some on his face, also that after those
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Page 200, under 4, 2d « ol., 5th line, for " new elements," read nervf
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points strongly to the existence of a neurotropic strain of Tre-
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cases where only one side of the jaw is affected, restores the patient
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A Characteristic Sign of Typhoid Fever, S expectorated about twenty ounces of florid
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faint only ; when it ceased for thirty seconds, an epileptiform fit
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(4) Does pregnancy undo the good results of the operation V
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it may become dark and even black from decomposition and imbibition
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to operate, and in handling the surgeon's knife or other instru-
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inch to the left of the incision and this suture tied.
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an inch in diameter. They resemble the testicles of the male in
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aphonia; or sight might be impared or lost for a time, and then re-
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or nervous centres. Neither are these patients particu-
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hurrying them on to dilatation. The best you can do for a man like
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The Turkish and other Haths are constructed with all the latest improvements necessary
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