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his operation. There was no guaranty that the opera-
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to cure him and one of them commences his incantation.
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show my strength in my reasoning, rather than spend my time in making
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I drachm Iodide Potassium in a pint of drinking water one hour
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contained in the upturned vegetable mould, where it has been
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evidence of its excellence, in the statistics which they publish.
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dry, pocket storage batter}' supplies the necessary electricity
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milk. Patients should discontinue the drug and report
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experiment was made before the Societ j' — a dog being exhibited
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The liver was greatly contracted, hardened, and of a slate color; and the spleen also was
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lightly touched upon. The author, who is associate pro-
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In the Living Subject. — ^About 50 cc. of the dejecta are taken without
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writes, "some incline inward to. the side of the nose,"
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Human life is too precious to be intrusted to the management of one who
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Five of the patients were from 16 to 20 years old ;
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Mr. Paget that the change in the pupil, in injuries of the brachial plexus, might be due to the
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Erving, 15 died and but 2 recovered. Apparently only about half a dozen
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Tratisactions of the American Dermatological Association at its Twenty-
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prophylactic vaginal douching and medication with iodo-
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Ordinarily, reaction sets in aftpr the use of cold, more
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ture, I think I mentioned turpentine among the list of medica-
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stance, pain of a moderate, paroxysmal character may
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not believe in plastic closure of gaps in the skull. He has
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the parties nor the court’s own research revealed any
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of my patients who had not bom children for four or five years, became
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of mind ensues, the body is cold and heavy, and in this dull and
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their assistants. But if there be such a thing as an
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ence of the substances in question ; in other words, an