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Soft, elastic and lobulated. Grows rapidly and attains a
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present, so long as it remains in the digestive cavity, nor during
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tatic tissue or metastasis. In those cases, increasing PSA
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weak, his legs tiring easily, and he had a good deal of difficulty in
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times), unnumerable "consultation visits," and many re-
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disinfection, and a paste of zinc. oxid. and hot water in or-
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August 18. Passive motion given to elbow, and dress-
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stomach by the use of drinking water, is as yet undetermined.
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catrization, or the development of any constitutional dis-
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determinable, would be those indicated by the tuberculous affection of the
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rapidly involves the skin, the cellular tissue, and sometimes even
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Treatment. — Dr. Baruch* recommends the following method of
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ritic effusion. On percussion, no dullness was found
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than its fellow of the opposite side. In consequence of the effusion,
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in the pons, and, he supposed, in the internal capsule also. At the same time,
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which was accomplished by means of expectorants and counter-irritants.
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which was made the subject of some clinical remarks
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about the seventh month, but expulsion might not take
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quent in males than females, and most commonly occurs be-
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akush. i jensk. boliez., St. Petersb., 1897, xi, 1216-1220, 1 pi.
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exception; but still this rale is the physical sign of Lasnnec's first
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ing had required no muscular action, we should have wanted
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tion.— Information of value as to the condition of the
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Total volume in each tube = 3 c.c, of each factor 1 c.c. being in
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soft disintegrating tissue were scooped out, after whicli
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inflammation must not be allowed to obscure the original
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into a state of trance or ecstasy. We have met with one case in whidi
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or all of the larynx and trachea. Some specimens show not only
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surgically favorable conditions, — i. e., before the actual onset of uraemia or,
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for more stimulating measures. But this difference in treatment is only
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the Eeport at once notable and valuable. To us of to-day it seems
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polypi by caustics^ and removes the larger fibromata by cutting or
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Respiratory changes of gases before, during, and after injection of
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