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tissues that have been damaged by the morbid poison —
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therajiciiticMl note by Tlioinas, of Wcllinghoiougli ("Brit. Med. .lour.,"
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thoughts of his marching with the army at their first going out is laid by;
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led, from the observation of this fact, to conclude that an
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was used much more by the non- Amish than the Amish population.
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jects, and enabling him to refer without loss of time to the vast amount of information
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Science, Jeanselme {Mercredi Medicale, 1894, No. 36, p. 487) reported the
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leucophlegraatic appearance of skin ; uterine walls unusually thick — softened
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forms of tubercular arthritis, for which the latter is tlje proper operation. 3.
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For adenitis^ usually of the cervical variety, the best treat-
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Ultimately, like Becky Sharp, she is said to have become pious. She
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explanations are doubtless measurably applicable. Sporadic dysentery, as
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ronto ; II. L. Jackes, Toronto ; G. P. Jackson, Toronto ; D. Jamie-
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8 South Farwell Street, Eau Claire, Tel. TEmple 5-8615
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and more, and will curve towards the affected side I this is
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streptococcus pyogenes and staphylococcus pyogenes aureus,
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perhaps, as good as any other. According to this author, disease may be
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the ankle. The capillary circulation was very feeble,
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VI. If the breathing has ceased, or nearly so, it must be stimulated by pres-
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symptoms present. If one of the shot had entered the eye of the right
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surface. The latter supposition seems to be necessary in order to account
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Hospital did not allow our dissecting but a very few ot the
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a distance of about iVa inches above the wrist it is
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in which there has been no flow of purulent matter from the external
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are drawn in such a manner as to give an almost composite
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push down small angular bodies with jagged edges. If a
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goats, in which the stomach and the glottis have been ex-
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Mihichener medicinische Wochenschrift, July ij. igoo.
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sloughed through the diaphragm — the cavity of this abscess would have
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mental exertion is blamed most firequently for exciting hydrocephalus
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trypsin and peptone present had possibly some effect, but the fall
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normal; on the 88th day of his illness he weighed 18
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all thickened gravies, hashes, etc., boil away very fast and dry
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rash operations for which the school of Vienna is notorious,
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The tubes thus inoculated are placed in the incubator and kept