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been exhibited at the societies where remarkable results
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intake in the epidemiological differences in coronary
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the family histor\' is good, and the habits, occupation, circum-
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toe and malformations of the genital organs. Warren AYalker, to whose
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1901 Johnson, Edward Angas, M.B., B.S., St. Catherine's, Prospect, South
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an important one in reference to the success of the Institution. Of the
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Bottles are in use containing 12 to 16 ounces, or 1 pint. We
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Very well, you remember for quite a number of years now it has been
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Medicolegal Aspects of the Roentgen Ray from the Standpoint of the Surgeon.
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namely, bismuth in a solid or in the liquid form, hydrocyanic acid, hyos-
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the larvae to last until the next morning, when again the algae had
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case where the mother died of pneumonia between the seventh and
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These, together with the cases of sarcoma, neuroma, enchondroma,
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By a seiies of historical and statistical compilations, M.
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dried root of the veratrum iu one pint of alcohol, and the fluid extract of Thayer
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hood. Before describing the operation, I shall endeavour to give
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he could not agree with the reaxier. For instance, in his
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were infected with a pure culture of Bacillus perfringens.
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other situations, militates against, if it does not disprove, this supposition.
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action is often remarkably deliberate and slow, while on the
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class that a typical asymmetry of cerebral hemispheres, both as regards bulk
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tumor is more firm to touch and less movable, though pain-
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was repeated with the addition of the determination of the fixing dose
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suspect that it was that side upon which the sinus was thrombosed.
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nervous phenomena. My impression therefore is that a
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small and hard, sometimes large. It is likely to be quick (celer), even when
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Behind it stand the profession of Europe and of this country.
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a small wave was perceptible at the carotid. Alter twenty
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* See p. 452 ; also Archives of Medicine, vol. v., No. 1, Feb., 1881, p. 107.
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Polk said no microscopic or bacteriological examina-
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(A Criticism ok a Papkr on the Same Subject dv M. J.
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mer condition was cured after 5 injections of a 0.5 per cent, solu-
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many arguments which a jjriori i)revent our admitting for lichen scrof-