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(a) Stethoscopic test; (b) ligature test; (c) scarification and cupping; (d)

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whether skin lesions are more accurately depicted in

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gential wounds of this kind may cause no fracture at all, or

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vomited frequently and refused food. The respirations varied

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Martin, believing the action of the turpentine to be solely

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tongue is coated, and, like his lips, dry; his sleep is troubled. In the

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oration baths are these : Give a bath whenever the tem-

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to 3° ; but it does not end in hypothermia. It may be seen in all the

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No. 11, Paris, will reach us safely and without delay. We particularly request

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with a case in which non-compliance with the law has

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cooked ; there was a total abstinence from alcohol, condiments,

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Sect. i,Yi. It shall not be lawful for any person to keep

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oughly cleansed and dried, the fractured bones being kept at

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to the time of going into the stubble-field, the shock caus-

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ex hypothesi, tlirough previous unsuccessful inoculations the several

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during the latter part of the second and third weeks, being caused by the opening

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chitis follow one another it is usefu,l to give the

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cylinder of compact infusorial earth, I hoped to be able to

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during the phases of cardiac activity. All this is perfectly compre-

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range of (country, it aj>peai'8 to be associated as a sequel

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began to explain to Taurus what the nature of the complaint was that I

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He was worse than ever before, suffering from painful

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pate in the reaction (Figs. 19 and 20). There are two or three distinct

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technic and boldness of surgical enterprise, but no other

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ring in a woman of 35, who first noticed the abdominal tumor

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somewhat, according to the proportion of the blood outside the

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funnel, which should project somewhat beyond the lamp. The room is

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of the symptoms.- In those debilitated by constitutional causes, or in

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other tissues whose lymphatic and capillary vessels

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class of stationery as the butcher, or blacksmith, but something new, at-

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lessened, both conditions existing at the same time, the effect of the bacil-