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lesions in other organs so far as can be determined by the post-

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became diseased or necrotic, forming sinuses that kept dis-

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those of sanitarians in general, are much more humblo

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sexual desire. Upon the whole, we can have little Jiesitation

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the joint, w^hich soon presents a considerable amount of swelling

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ness and vomiting ; but even here subsequent doses pro-

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any other student if we granted this request. That is the only request that we have

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have "black vomit," such as occurs in yellow fever.

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and freshness, to give color to the complexion, to pre-

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additional sum ■will accrue from a few things that are not yet

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a matter of ligamentous strength. The sacrum is wedge-

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Schlachthof. (Bericntsjahr 1895) <Ztschr. f. Fleisch- u. Milchhvg., Berl.,

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lation de la France. Sciences biol. ^la fin du xix" siecle,

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nous evidence. Meantime, some jmirnals are drawing at-

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kindly given me all of its choicest honors that were all appreciated so

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due 'to poisonous food, for the bulk of evidence indicates that it is

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powers of milk. The treatment is simple, appropriate

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assured, however, that it did exist and that, on account

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to the preparation of the patient, the author gives his table of

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or the stage of exhaustion. The collapsed condition is denoted by pros-

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tiplies with extraordinary rapidity, so that in twenty-

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with diluted ammonia water to wash out sulphurous and sulphuric

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Diagnosis. — The distribution, itching, and the character of the lesions?

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followed a profuse hemorrhage from the rectum. Here, as in other affec-

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from which we were making day-to-day collections of the bile from

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be found especially welcome and valuable, and the time is not

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tinctly admits that its Licentiates (who pass the sur-

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entirely understood, and it not infrequently happened