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and there were no remains even of retinal haemorrhages.
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during FY 1975 due to the establishment of in-house coverage on weekenc
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greater liability to infection ; for this means that the
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lorospasm, mesenteric thrombosis, bile peritonitis in se-
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to assume with certainty that this affection could arise
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Rutherford, First Lieutenant Henry H., assistant surgeon, is
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ence of Lord Howe was made surgeon to the 19th Eegiment,
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The systemic review otherwise was entirely negative.”
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this was being done, a violent thunderstorm broke out, with
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hard raised white swelling on the outer side of the right leg, which some
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the posterior part," is without a particle of foundation. Proposition
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causes of retention of decomposed urine, as a urethral stricture or enlarged
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do I place on the leukocyte coimt as an aid in diagnosis. I am con-
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bilitated by the extreme heat of one season, are ill prepar*
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Case XXIV. — Mary D., aged thirty-six, bom in Ireland, medium height ;
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origin myself, I shall simply deal with the utilitarian side
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swollen nodes. Nodes from the three chief groups were always
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ulcers may be present in the bladder. There may be caseous nodules in the
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to the distribution of the lower sciatic and external saphenous
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caucasus at the present time is exceedingly bad ; Gen-
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Medical Legislation in Illinois. — Success has marked the efforts of physi-
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that the union with a second germ-cell, also containing similar tainted
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(7) it appears to resist the action of quinine. The author
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patient walking around without there being any con-
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Ncurolog. Centralbl. 1893, xii. p. 858. Relation to Hysteria: 41. BUZZARD. Siinula-
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attacks of the same kind, but less severe than the present, his
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then finally satisfied myself that it was kidney, and after open-
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ing attacks are named "cardiac asthma." This term is often wrongly
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attend to the wants of the Profession while attending the meetings of
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