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acea. This treatment has always been held in the great-
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hardly said that the inconveniences of an artificial
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to steep the thread in some irritating liquid, such as the
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53. Mr. J. C, set. 30, Aug. 26, '98. Variety, bronchial ; dura-
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graduates of schools other than those first described may
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perhaps lost the use of my limbs. At 24,600 feet the condition of torpor which
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fever which foUows it. And, as Dr. Sutherland espe-
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and treatment, and that I have formed this opinion upon the following '^^,^^,'^'''; „ .
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obtain movement in the limb of the same side ; but in point of
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country cottage, while the first cost of a coupe would
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was possible to suture closed wounds by primary suture. This was due to
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is accomplished; or, as is more likely, the patient, if
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according to the kind of impulse conveyed. Hot water has
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ate. It was described by Duchenne, in 1858 and 1859, more fully than
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cases of typhus, among those who had already passed through relapsing fever,
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on no more neurasthenics for the relief of symptoms that are
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accidental. We are especially indebted to Professor Looss, ot
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in the body by injecting an emulsion of hepatic tissue, a solvent of
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the cheeks, are very protracted in their duration, and often
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ion from any cause within the skull will affect parts in propor-
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ing one-half of the spinal cord (hemi-paraplegia and spinal
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rapidly, and with a clot, which, for size, firmness and thickness of the huffy coat, sur-
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is cailed to an urgent case, because the family attendant is not
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a great reputation in Xorth Germany for its school of Clinical
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years from the first symptom of the disease. The dis-
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482 operations performed, and the total mortality was
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especiales para fracturas de las extiemidades. Cong,
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to make an adequate institution, can be gotten ready for occu-
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troublesome bleeding. By the time this was controlled
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test again for the electrical current, making the nerve act as a
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particulars, from those of the urine in health. Its chemical
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the future graduating class. True, there is a one-armed
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The apex of the heart was not visible, but was palpable in