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in blood pressure, and anemia. The corpuscles may fall below 50 per

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to 3° ; but it does not end in hypothermia. It may be seen in all the

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metres. On an examination of his eyes, the lashes and

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freedom in time. Even if a mistake is sometimes made in kiting

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collateral circulation can restore the blood supply to the part; but, as

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notices weakness. It usually begins in the small muscles of

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concerned, there is every reason to suppose that quinine taken daily over

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have been rather disposed to think that the olfactory bulbs themselves had

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short cylindric cells. The swollen parts of the vagus consist of a tumor mass made up

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race. Like all the other actions of natural bodies, they offer some

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In the following cases, I am especially desirous of recording

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may be so performed as to be of the utmost scientific

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len, while by about the sixth or seventh day the scrotum is also in-

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\ ually the " milk cure," as it is sometimes called, milk should not only con-

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name of any library after the entry of the work indicates that no copy is

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and the results of his observations are: (1) The ca-

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John Brown, M.D., F.R.C.S. Eng., /'adiham, . . 1878

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upon this question : — " I have several times opened the breast

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It is said to be produced by a pressing down of the va-

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semicircular canals with a nucleus in the pons has as yet no anatomic

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and cyanosis which are accompanied by general increase of the myasthenic

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perature. The destiny of the ball, if not extracted, is

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certain number of instances in this scries, cases of "suspected tuber-

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nection to close, with brief reference to a case of the latter

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TURiTioN. — Accusation oe the Assisting " Wickelprau."

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ing without mercury in the former, v.hilst it absolutely requires its active

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as typhoid fever, malaria, influenza, measles, mumps,

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that it would steadily grow, and be of permanent value to the profession,

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those applications to practical medicine which constitute its

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fasciculi and destroying it. The inner ear being destroyed,

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causes gastritis, gastro-intestinal hiemorrhage, and even death,