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ventive medicine on a scale of considerable magnitude
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to act upon her motions. On tlie other hand, by treating the patient
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time, and the painful position of the other Medical otlicers
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the diurnal remission, such as vin. antimon. and spts. nit. dulc.
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body ; (2,) Wildly delirious, when the patient struggles and fights
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of tho temporal loi»e and tli<' whole of the occipital.
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those applications to practical medicine which constitute its
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much less so than KCN itself. In using CoCl, ns an antidote, therefore,
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administered two to four hours before the resin when the two drugs are used
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an outlay of money as would be the best and the cheapest
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as an aspirator, withdrawing from the intestine gas and
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control and prevention of the contagious and infectious diseases. The
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2. Theresa Crenshaw, M.D., “The Psychology of AIDS Prevention:
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On the termination of the President's address, a vote of
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sume to find our French brethren spccu- In the year 1725, au edict was passed
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more tender and to improve their flavors. During this time decom-
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cities of our whole South land, built up by has brought about our present advanced po-
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symptoms of any gravity ; for the communication through the circle of
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is now taking four tablets a day and expects to get to his business as
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But it is not only in the more intelligent use of drugs
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covered in Polyg^ala Sen^ega and other q»ecie&
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ical syndrome of acute appendicitis. On the other hand we know from
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tion occurring above. The process of sloughing and repair may go
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rubbing gently, but constantly, with cloths ; give an injection of a dozen
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involved ; and in a unique case, described by Maynard, the ankles,
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which they appear to have a peculiar predilection, nat-
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more particularly as the curve is often obtained in cases showing
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before in the medical literature, show that ^o the bottom of the vessel in the form of
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The diet, while the patient is feverish, should consist of oatmeal
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one half per cent solution of chloride of gold, in which solution
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^ It will be understood that these conclusions are based on the results of the
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The first observations of Laveran, which have been referred to in
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iux, acutae, sericese, adpressse, caducse. Panicula terminalis, brachiata, folio?a,
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But he should, in order to maintain the scientific repute
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Fig. 1. — Record obtained January 7, 1921. Auricular fibrillation.
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' Cited by Murchison. See also article by Paget, St. Barthohmmfa HotpiUd Report^