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had much experience in plastic operations in cavities lined by

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empty. We gave it as our opinion, that nothing could any longer

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of primary lesions or of end-results, then I shall feel

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attempts to swim and turn on its side ; these motions ceased in a few minutes, and when

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and W. Francklin before referred to, Dr. Hennen replied to the remarks

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Bombay, without communication having been held with any

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afraid it might interfere with his plans and prospects of travelling.

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(or silk) sutures, and two rows of buried interrupted catgut sutures

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special indications which are to be met by the same measures as when they

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would occasionally have two or three days at a time com-

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Anacrotic elevations, i. e., secondary elevations in the ascending limb of the

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and the licence of the Society of Apothecaries, London.

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fi On the basis of lowered integrity of the red cells, by reason of re-

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dried root of the veratrum iu one pint of alcohol, and the fluid extract of Thayer

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ysis of a progressive type. This inoculation produced no effects, and

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leaves or ergot grains and found, to my surprise, that

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often we acquire a ‘reading knowledge’ instead of a

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the subcutaneous tissues was much reduced and largely replaced by

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and erections. This stage is followed by a normal period,

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of the alopecia, the eczema seborrhoicum being only an

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I do know, however, that I have never found the organ-

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original substance, and then mixing it with powdered gluten

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synchronous with the cardiac movement. It ought not to be forgotten

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incompletely immunized patient to a fresh attack of influenza. Cer-

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Repr.from: Norsk Mag. f. Lsegevidensk., Christiania,

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hours, and again examine him, you find the true respiratory

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a labor of love. He has rendered the original into smooth, .

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Pain located in the right hypochondrium, of sudden or

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charge of the leg, and facilitated in every way the steps of the

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symptoms is present, as a rule, in tabes, nor are the pains of a " lightning "

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par I'extension continue. In his: Clin, et crit. chir., 8°,

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syphilis are predisposing causes. Exposure to cold and wet

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