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2. Theresa Crenshaw, M.D., “The Psychology of AIDS Prevention:

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is "nothing," but of course each one who' has his picture printed

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their analogy to areolar tissue. It would appear, from the most

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and it may also occur at any time during the course of that disease;

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nasal cauterization. I remember an amusing little German

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It is only found in the tropical portion of the new worid, and is especially

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J^He'll&OT.J Homaopaiiy in Surgical Diseasew. £54

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tion, partaken of two very separate and distinct characters. During the

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short, the disposition rather that of the horse, and the voice is not

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That it could have been removed by operation is very cer-

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caused by pressure, upwards and forwards, of the subclavian artery,

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the operation obviates the necessity for further opening of the mastoid, the

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asked if some physician on the train would not step over to his house and

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have seen cases in which the blood-serum was already

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Aphorisms from the French. {L Union Med. ) — When one considers

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to breathe, who is free from disease of bronchial tubes or

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debris, the latter being most marked in the centre. These granules

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der the living together of the men, so adapted to spread the disease,

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each degree. "We wish to make no disparaging remarks on

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An interesting question in connection with retained missiles in the

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garis, coccogenic sycosis, folliculitis barbae), with

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four hours. In health the bowels are incessantly moving, not unlike worms in a

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hamamelis, small amounts of quinine or nitrate of silver (1 to 5000),

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had also used a weak solution of pepsin with good effect.

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sensitivity of the new method is much higher than the classical Ziehl Neelsen

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Blindness, required the controlled amounts of fat to make it possible

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May 2. — Much better in every respect; discontinued the

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Food Theory of Medicine. — Walter Emery Merrill, M. D., U. S. Marine Hos-

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part is a bluish area, of the size of a penny, in which the outliue of

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Order I. Juliformia — Diplopoda with two pairs of appendages on each

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his nose, can hardly cough or sneeze, cannot smoke a pipe, and if his

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the fact, and is likewise amenable to the law. The Kansas verdict is not in

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Obiaain (cai^axm). [L. ekiaafma. fr. Gr. ;r<^C<<v