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occasionally associated with tenesmus. At night the patients are
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perience with the citrate of potassium is, that it is the
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appointed champions of Hahnemann, we might suppose that this
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study of men and character, and a world of professional experience
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suspicion of appendicitis; there was tenderness with increased resis-
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of the sloughing mass by inorcellement. A patient was
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cavity. The temperature of the uterine douche should not ex-
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employ a physician, and should be refused treatment ; and that applicants
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giins a footing there are many inland towns and villages
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were unimpaired to the last, and, during the short intervals of ease, his
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receiving no fluoride supplementation, the urinary excre-
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viz., the difficulty of instituting comparisons between series of cases ap-
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lecture on an exceedingly important subject of medical educa-
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As late as 1841 prominent physicians utterly denied its
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table preparations containing tannic acid, nitrate of silver, or salts of
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the fetal surfiice of the placenta after removal oi
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B with the additional property of inducing local inflam-
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to fix the order of events in so few as eighty-three fleas, and it may be
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posterior diameter of the cranium, which contrasts with the increase in the
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HEIM. — Six years ago Oppenheim described a cerebral affec-
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nose. I gave this man an hour's daily treatment with
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mountains of Switzerland have not been attacked. It is quite con-
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it may be syphilitic (occurring in young children); it rarely
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scess, previously emptied by aspiration, a one-to-twenty solution of iodo-
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varix can be attended with no advantage. On the contrary,
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of external violence. The cord had been ruptured at a distance of two-and-a-
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run over the wound more than three or four hours at a
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mained posterior until just before delivery, when it
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this class quacks prey largely. The affection sometimes exists in a still
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to breathe, who is free from disease of bronchial tubes or
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continued niglit and day with intermissions of about half an hour, and
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mild, owing to high resistance. Among such diseases
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equal, those patients having a traumatic lesion can bear a greater loss of
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sugar did not disappear entirely from the urine. He suffered from boils, and
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This is due to haemorrhage into the labyrinth, known as Man-
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I subject myself to the charge of professional heterodoxy by die follow-
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lated, vomiting and diarrhoea occurred and with it pros-
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is characterised by a sudden rise up to 42 C. and even more,
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the uterus was partially inverted from the cervix upward. This