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in this condition before. This view finds support in Sir Samuel Wilks's
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of the flexor and extensor muscles of the legs, which may bo suthcicntly
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mass formed close to the anus, which on being opened by Mr
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favorable to the method commended by Samisch. The largo incision
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morrow the other treatment as a panacea or cure-all for eveiy con-
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as to direct that they be kept as free as possible from all accumula-
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and although tlie ligature was immediately removed, the
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the horse and ox, food highly charged with nutritious elements,
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at an early age a drunkard, so that it is supposed his elixir was some excellent kind
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this cause has not fallen under my observation, but I have repeatedly met
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one or other of the lobes of the prostate, is capable of so far
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2. Pressure of displacements or tumours acting mechanically
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medical science will appear in each number, as well as
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Delphey said he thought the society must see by this
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supervene, incision of the tympanum is called for ; while, if perforation
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takes place. The water abounds in carbonates, not only
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rabies, as in tuberculosis, there is a certain danger in using the
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Dr. C. Eugene Gunther, 174 Clinton Street, by Dr. Westbrook; Dr. Edgar Elting, 658
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not require operation. The youngest child operated upon was
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elaborated by him and J. P. Sutherland, M.D., of Boston, at that
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soning from this case Dr. Ffirth concluded that vaccina^
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cesophagus of a horse, till the last act was discharged, when the
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[The fluid oleo resinous extract obtained by acting on capsicum with ether,
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Vather printed in Philadelphia. It henceforth will appear
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Cobra is indicated in traumatic lesion when the respirator;
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To relieve cough and produce rest at night, give the
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Netter mentions the occurrence of staphylococci and Kirikow of
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I century younger than himself, and by her had five children, the first four of
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fell away rapidly, and the patient died with aplastic antpmia of an
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Lingard points out that the cattle of the Punjab and Burma have a
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fissured than is usual in first deliveries. The reason lor interference in 42 cases was
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west, and two miles from north to south. The eastern extremity of
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Sufficient doses appear to affect all the integuments,