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larger, of about 3 c.c. capacity, is preferable. This little apparatus is

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Councillor Walsh also defended the resolution of the

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and the foetus extracted. The placenta did not come away with the foetus, and

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about four feet from the tran. and their contents run over this space by an

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direct transfusion of milk into the blood is always followed by inconvenience

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by Hawthorne : " Some maladies are rich and precious, and only to be acquired

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a rule the legs are somewhat flexed at the hip and knee joints by the

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observe, it was broken up in order to get it through a small incision.

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fi*ontal bone, correspond with the lower portion of the body,

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anode, according to the universal law of electrical

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portion of proteid waste. Small quantities are nearly as ben-

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ening of the media. No giant cells are at all visible. In one

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to associate with treatment, or with any alteration in the general surroundings of

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ferred to by Dr. Hare, as an example. In small doses this

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down to the bono by two successive sweeps of the knife, bop:innin<]f

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sovereign remedy. The question now is, will the Acad-

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31 pp. 8°. Elberfeld, A. Martini c)'- Grilttefien,

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of infective (low-grade) inflammation of the biliary tract. Having been

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of aiding and assisting this Board in any way whatsoever in ascertain-

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the process of evolution had come last into existence. The next

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of a portion of the work, additions were required to bring up the subjects to the existing con-

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cases as instances of " motor agraphia." But Dejerine and his followers

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which caused no subsequent difficulty. We concede that

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union between the extremity of the limb at the rest of the body.

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That active brain-work predisposes to disease and a short life, is satisfac-

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bution in the field of obstetrics or pediatrics. The commit-

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foreign bodies. Dress with mercuric nitrate solution, zinc

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cussion. The visit to Dee's library, in August, 1582, is parti-

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cially distinguished himself as a writer of German poetry.

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member of the Board of Censors, stating that he cannot be

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In some cases of cancer there are few or no symptoms denoting any serious

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causes doubtless occurs, but the agencies iinnlueing it and its morbid