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stances is necessary before malaria can be fully matured — viz.: Its own

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the body the specific bacteria disappear from the urine within twenty-

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1905 e. — Un nouveau sclerostomien {Tridontophorus [sic] deminutus nov. sp.)

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and just external to the veins, the somatopleure folds can be

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your attention with some remarks on the practice of obstetrics aa we

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tent fever ; but these differences exist among those only who have

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arbitrary use of power granted by the second part, and that

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12. Modan, B., Shani, M., Schor, S., Modan, M. “Reduction of

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Cholera Inquiry Committee.^ No less than 700 deaths occurred in St.

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condition of one side of the brain. He thought it possible that in some of

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12. Give the action of any ten muscles of the fore-

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a broad anaemic band of irregularly limited contour, which disap-

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The amount of venom yielded at one time by a snake, either at a single

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tient was a young man presenting central paralysis of

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yellow fever indigenous? N. Orl. M. & S. J., 1885-6, n. s.,

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Pathogenesis and Pathological Anatomy. — According to some writers, fulminant

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recoil of a gun at the instant of explosion ; but it so happens that

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atrophy at the end of a few days. The paralysis is often total at the com-

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Dr. Blundell always preferred human blood where this

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theory. If you think so give it a trial. Give acetanilid

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was slowly and fully flexed on to the abdomen over the fulcrum, the

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phenomena of Bright's disease may develop. There is often,

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XXIX. On the comparative Infi-equency of Urinary Cal-

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weigh well the pros and cons advanced by each and declare his own

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median line, while the opposite condyle takes the reverse po-

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basidia upon prostrate or even submerged hyphae. It partakes, how-

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sentative of the Congressional district where he resided, and

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\st, then, Ab the disens-e may aris^: from leucorrhoea, from the

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and the water constituting in fact a scientific study in etiology ; and thirdly,

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death-rate from tuberculosis in nearly all countries.

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blood that is in the vessels that directly nourishes

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febrile action has ceased, the subcutaneous injection of atropia will generally

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Davis, Dorland, Jellifi'e, Allen J. Smith and Mctor C. Vaughan

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The descent is by the female line in each case so that

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gists. The most powerful of the arguments urged against

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warrant me in bringing three cases of it under your notice, in two of

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feverish paroxysm ; a solution of oxy-muriate was ordered in-

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finger while writing, so that the pen is not guided quite properly, uninten-

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when unjustly attacked, as if it were a matter of personal

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2. Detail in Cleft Palate Operations. Stewart L. McCurdy.