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separate existence of rotheln is founded on the fact

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that I witness the inauguration at St. Thomas's of what has

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extent of the country compared to ours, it i.s, as a whole, far richer in such

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food to make up 1600 calories per day. I would recommend

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soft disintegrating tissue were scooped out, after whicli

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fortune and honor, and to reflect upon it some of your fame and success.

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distance of the epidermis, and there is no sharp differentiation between

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toward all foreign bodies in the tissues ; 2, that this

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When the plaster is nearly dry I cut out with my Gigli saws. This

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make the amount of matter contained in them very considerable. So

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an insignificant blow seems very strange. In the average college

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may be smaller than that of workers in other fields, it

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have for reference such able and complete works as those of Ca-

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attacked no less than 25 per cent, of the force. The author. Surgeon

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action must not be forgotten ; the heat given out by the

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which have been mentioned in speaking of rheumatic oph-

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in 2-dram doses. The fever ran a regular course ; delirium

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the surgeon only every third or fourth day. The same remark

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U'ill ierve alfo to direct us in the remedies we employ. With

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this time was not far removed from the end of preg-

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The next important class of antiphlogistic agents in the

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somatopleure folds, it is very interesting to observe that when

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form narcosis. It may be either reflex or direct. The reflex variety occurs only

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never get beyond this grade. Recognized as failures,

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the longest, is not really so, and this observation is perfectly correct

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amyloid, the glomeruli becoming enlarged and of a greyish white colour.

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to the duct, as is shown in the figure. Fig. 3 represents the coiled portion of a

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brane and bronchial tubes. 5th. Pathological states of the pa-

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duce rupture, tympanitis, inflammation of the bowels or feet, or

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tial role within the cell. This was realized by the prominent

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the same in Germany and in America. It disclosed one of the

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The question here arises, how can the destruction of human life and

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