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dyspnoea on making the slightest exertion, and he has occasional severe attacks of

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flighty in his mind, and inclined to doze a great deal ;

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of Metropolitan Board of Works or of Vestry— Metropolis Manage-

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that occur in the disease, is to be found in some effect produced by excessive

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of 70 hurries up a hill in Wales to be in time for morning service,

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fore, a case of the sphnir variety of that affection.

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of the Neues Archiv fur die Homoeopathische Heilkunst.]

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a thick dense membrane ; those of others were soft and ragged. The middle part of

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symptoms were due to chronic parenchymatous nephritis

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and Avas assigned to duty in charge of the Freedman's

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though the parts are hardened and altered ! the physician giving other metals to the pa-

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Solution of cocaine was injected, and an incision three

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while there may be no hereditary disposition toward

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Guide to Health, with other works in defence of the

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a moderate sized one, springing from the left ovary,

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Stimson, J. Case of Chronic Diarrhoea accompanied by

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toward the shore, they know the water is warmer than when

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must be predisposition. Otherwise, why did not all per-

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bringing the faculty throughout Georgia with the exception of perhaps

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large quantity of matter. Another recovered so far that she was able to re-

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service? Only this that he lived well and made others live better with

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the injected uric acid was excreted within the first twenty-four hours.

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hysterical feelings come upon them, they feel compelled to yield to them,

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those of other writers in this direction, I cannot help feeling

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Order I. Juliformia — Diplopoda with two pairs of appendages on each

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as blind and ungovernable as those of an epileptic. Enraged by the

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each of which shows a white fibrous tissue, and which may be-

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when the stomach is surfeited with food, is sometimes limited to fulfilling

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many other facts go to overturn the doctrine still too gene-

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those applications to practical medicine which constitute its