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Dr. Flexner : The point that strikes me is the Doctor's

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abnormally ebbing back into the circulation | set down the anatomical and casual distinc-

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To be sure our philanthropy and humane efforts tend to shorten our

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reviews the difiiculty of correctly determining the nature of a

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forming a very convenient resting-place for basin or instru-

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The heart muscle is affected to a greater degree than the skeletal mus-

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was exerted by Assyria and Persia, and especially by

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: "^^'^■'■"''•'^^■'■^ '■■'''"■'■'-•'•'• ''•■'>--.l--l>-n..nd,,,:, hi-, Va,^^^

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the people in this country bad the strumous diathesis, and if Dr.

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Chemistry.— Recitations and instructions by Dr. Storer.

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obstetrical) treatment, is to be imputed to the physician, when his treat-

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of a normal case of typhoid fever. It was one of three

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show abnormal changes, namely, the characters of the b roncho- vesicu lar j

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(4) Does pregnancy undo the good results of the operation V

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found this kind of lameness occurring at any time during the

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wahrend des Anfalls. Berl. kliu. Wchu.schr., 1898, xxxv,

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calls it gastrotomy), or, which the author seems to prefer, enterotomy. We

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will starve if restricted exclusively to this food, but he

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by the quantity of urea, which may rise to a proportion two or three

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inguinal aneurism on the 21st — with what result is at present

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Before the distinct chill there is little or no fever in

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well to emphasize this, as the statement that the nurse is always to

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The following represent occurrences observed in clinical

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the spinal column is straight or convexly flexed ; if it is

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die from the use of salt solution by the vein after

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Wo cannot even add, secundum artem; for who would, at the

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rally some degree of nausea, a furred tongue, foulness of

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pected to place a piece of looking-glass, or a dish filled, with water or

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once remarked to me, "Do not forget that a pint of milk contains as much solid

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in the present case ; in how far it contributed to the fatal