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tribes and races and study the influences of dietaries more liberal

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be present on adding the sulphate of copper and potassa, a fine purple colour

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bicarb., grs. xv., tr.-calumbae f 3 jss., aquaj pura f | iijss.

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by the observation and experience of the sur- \ tated ; all diseases of joints which were

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DifEerential Diagnosis of the Conditions Causing Obstruction.— It

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became diseased or necrotic, forming sinuses that kept dis-

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1893, X, 191-199.— Bcrger Vogl. The use of the com-

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the use of purified bile from the ox or pig, which may

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with EOG. For other head orientations, vertical or torsional

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Murchison, Griesinger, Niemeyer, and Liebermiester.

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centers, is the general racking muscular spasms bear all

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stage was carefully noted, in 17 it was twenty-four

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and gastro-intestinal symptoms. Other cases present predominantly

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subjects of syphilis. But of 24 of the 85 who were cauterised

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Some very successful exercises for graduates of the common

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has enormous pDwer, and should therefore err on the side

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office shall expire three years after the initial appoint-

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typhoid referable to the spine : First, the true peri-

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Avere tremors of the left arm when extended. In a fourth (tuberculous

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erate with the proper authorities in the administration and the observance

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a scruple in the twenty-four hours. These means have acted favourably,

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substance was formed. Pathologists had extended this formula to

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"With regard to the nerves employed in respiration the conclusions experi-

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In the spring and summer of the year 1790, the inhabitants of Wash-

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administered by the mouth, and consequently not proved that a

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ing physicians who then obtained neurosurgical consulta-

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steroids, metric system, intravenous administration of drugs, antibiotics,

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tremities becoming warmer, pulse being perceptible at wrist, and respiration

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potassium and bichloride of mercury may be necessary for

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the fear of too extensive inflammation. Who shall say it would not have

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this objection ; but the obvious cause of death, and the emaciated state of the

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was a large attendance of physicians from different parts of the State,

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genized animal food, which being received into the stomach is con-