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■where all the conditions are known, where the previous health
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for distribution 600 lb.s. of the Disinfecting Powder men-
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followintr. that these theoretical propositions are really
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cated that fibrillation of the ventricles preceded briefly complete cardiac
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the sewage of our great towns seems as far off being settled
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voice, which was raucous and metallic, is also lost. The patient is
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of the diseases so far mentioned, the case does not fall fairly into
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pearing and carrying the process to a certain point, and there
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Insufficiencies of tbe ocular muscles. Med. Eec, N. T.,
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things that the operator will have to deal with are the follow-
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under cocaine and divided the internus, thus correcting the
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discriminating selection and use of such remedies as would
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and on the recommendation of the staff a verandah, about
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man. Vice President; Dr. B. C. Bach. Secretary-Treasurer.
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peripheral blood to hemoglobinurio feverm "^P':™»'^"' » t'><^
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medical progress by an attentive study of the book of Nature and of Life.
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two years, or both, in the discretion of the court.
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first inunction the clinical picture improved, and after four of
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dren; examiner in medicine at the University of Dunam and to the Royal College of Physicians
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usually of slight degree unless the process has been an especially
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gave the following list of symptoms. She complained of severe
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action. The 'change is altogether too rapid, and other
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fibrous band extending from the diaphragm upward to the compressed
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travelling abroad, he deferred the evacuation for an unusual
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imminent peril, and, so far as bleeding was concerned, rendering her
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the necrosis terminate and a definitive cure ensue, when the
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attend punishments ; and of course it is not to be wished that they
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strains examined decolorized uniformly by Gram's method. The
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sometimes show a rapid defervescence, completed in a single night.
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Prognosis. — The mortality from the disease seems to vary widely in different
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taric (or preferably citric) acid, and let it remain 24 hours;
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atically investigated and elucidated in the researches of
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directly served the Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Section and approximately 86
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tongue against the hard palate, the floor of the mouth from the outside
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which disagreed with it. Doctor Derus said he believed that
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