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Typhu.sfalle. Jahrb. d. Wien. k. k. Krankenanst. 189B,
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same kind with those formerly made to cast odium and
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of different species of the cinchona genus. But they
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injection. In normal animals such a constant result could be ob-
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recommend the use of this substance are similar to those
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body opposite to the seat of the disease in the crus. of disease of the brain, is extremely great. Still, by a
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vaginal hysterectomy, and uses clamps for the broad
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of raw, fresh beef, minced ; clothes were carefully cut off
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tongue, he says, is an infallible mark of the disease's having
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swelling at the angles of the jaws; the tonsils are red
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exerts a specific action upon septic poisoning. After fractures of the
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author, we may presume will be of interest to our readers.
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mail, 35 years of age, applied at the Surgical Out-Pa-
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and abscesses in the throat. Since May, up to this date, (August 20,
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cluded by the bulging out of its integumentary lining of the
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the action of respiration. Thus in hybernating animals, where in the
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Natural History of Vegetation : of use to those who are curious in the
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Mr. Maurice K. J. Hayes on " X-rays in the Diagnosis of
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The general index has been rendered quite complete and satisfactory,
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to lay down one to be rigidly enforced, but to make certain
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Order I. Juliformia — Diplopoda with two pairs of appendages on each
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fledged M.B.'s or M.D.'s, with a legal right to call them-
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would indicate that E. M. Johnson & Co. have discovered some hitherto
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present a certain degree of normal resistance against the invasion of the
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The veins are distended, more or less twisted and knotted, and give
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and for a sufficient length of time. Digital compression,
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months. Toxical effects have never yet been observed. The author
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edition, $10.75. Deluxe edition, $13.50. Philadelphia: The
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portions of lung exist alongside of collapsed and shrunken parts. Such