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at first, increasing in intensity in proportion as the uterine contraction becomes

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the first time has fallen below the average, although the numbers of

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molgus. Inoculation of a chimpanzee from the latter animal resulted

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technical pedantry, and the book is attractive reading for

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is taught even now, to " circulatory disturbances " or to

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of the tongue and jaws"; this stiffness .remained fora few weeks and

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able that several varieties or even species of the organism may be

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condition, however, is not to be neglected, but rest in bed,

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culatory stasis they act promptly. The brush discharge in

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each degree. "We wish to make no disparaging remarks on

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trochlear in 15 ; the frontal, trochlear, and oculo-nasal

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health. The only member of the family whom I was able to

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These experiments are very interesting. They prove that tlie

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" born tired," and seem to lack backbone; others will re-

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his own careful and original paper on the method of performing

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sermann's reaction was negative. No abnormal physical signs could

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During the recent cold weather the right arm and leg would at times

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by the following means : After the skull of a dog has been trephined

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vomiting, and constipation, or diarrhoea ; some di in a few

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attention directed to the issue of the Ncn' York Herald

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The writer was for some time in search of an agent to produce suf-

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the Hospitals, what have we opposed to us r Reason and

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the nuclei in the medulla oblongata and the pons Varolii, and

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applied to the nape of the neck. At (1. P.M., she had had convulsions

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shown itself capable of presenting accurate reports of society

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The systemic review otherwise was entirely negative.”

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pointed out that the vascular changes could precede the kidney disease,

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its removal. As nature may be said to commit suicide in

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consolidation of the substance of the lung, especially as, unlike tuberde,

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which correspond to the areas supplied by the terminal branches

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A law was passed providing that physicians who come

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that the uterine contractions remain more salt. The tablet should be dissolved in

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jacket has been applied after the tenth day following an

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heard. In fact, he believed that no conscientious medical man could