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patient should be amused as much as possible, and his mind kept
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thing to do in counteracting the progress of the inflammation.
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to the patient's leg. They do this, they say, to prevent
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'the operation; many who are entirely opposed to it on principle,
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Dumenil described a case of the disease in 1864. The clinical symptoms
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enhanced by such publications. Will any one, for in-
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softer than the rest of the tube. The mucous membrane was
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one of great difficulty to ; and nothing could
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This patient, being constipated, likewise received Epsom salts,
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medical knowledge to day at least may choose a princely
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of the healing serum, mild cases and evidently hopeless cases did not
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made an incision about three inches in length in the an-
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much more efficient antipyretic than quinine. The wet
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some trifling modifications, was persevered in until
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orax are practically without effect. Large doses of borax tend to
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trophy, and indicates a shrinking or decrease in the normal size of
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cost per patient per day had been $1.37, as against $1.36 in
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Dr. Jno. Emil Traub, formerly a resident of Ontario, died at
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forty ounces. One cusp of the aortic valve was nearly
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nation of more than a hundred million people needs such an army,
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den's view, which is not easily met, that it contravenes all human
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shooting. The absence of bacteria from the tissues indicates
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head and nuchic ; saline purgatives, epispastics, frictions along
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6. A Case of Smallpox In the Fetus. J. H. Franklin.
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stood, and thus create a false impression among }our
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uently occurred, are flattened, kidney- shaped, but half oval, rough, and of a
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IV. Remarks upnn Osteo-Myelitis consequent on Gunshot- Wounds of the
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removed from a case of complete fistula-in-ano. Exhibited by
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for the constipated. The dimunition affects all of the constituents,
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By Edwards Ckisp, M.D., M R.C.S.. L.A.C., late Physi-
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this paper, which comprises all my cases, there has not
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good for practitioners, students of medicine, and students