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2. Angfiift ndnor, or mild tfum, usuaUy dMCribed as ''him or
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of nasal stenosis in the anterior nares, such as vascular engorgement of the
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P.R.C.P., Aberdeen. Vol. II.. Sixth Series. 1896. J. B. Lippincott Company. 1896.
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the ischium ; to which is attached the lesser sacro-sciatic liga-
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her temperature became sub-normal, while the pulse was
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are not in the way of the use of quinia and other antipyretic drugs. Quinia
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C — , first child, dead, had enlarged ends of tibia and femur at knee-
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dissection. If such adhesions are not liberated, the
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street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues. New York City.
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of the buildings if the latter were erected at Danne-
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a slight inconvenience while in others it amounts to very positive
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ley Cooper have shown the advantage of using a substance
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occurs is variable. It varies considerably at different times and places.
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affection; with scarlet fever, typhoid fever, and occasionally with other
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however, will probably clear up the diagnosis. The aurist sends in a
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resorted to. The sensibilities of our frame are not given us by nature to the
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only palliative. Patients should be so advised. Carstens
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of physical incapacity for intercourse ; but these forms of disease may com-
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better borne than electricity, and particularly by chil-
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Thirty-ninth Annual Report of the Trustees of tbe State
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in the gift of the members of our Society, I desire to pre-
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young and the arteries healthy— the original disease has been a soft tumour
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veloped up to this time. One year later, however, she developed a
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ture, and treatment of insanity, to render it valuable to physi-
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dropped again, in the absence of treatment, in July, August,
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Dr. Wellington C. Burke read a paper entitled "Some Causes of Pelvic Pain
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objects were used for this purpose, and among them the
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this danger, and patients, after receiving vapor inhalations,
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Then to again open his bladder above the pubes, and to remove
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a secondary- anemia, even a great loss of weight is entirely
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also that the pulse may take a wide numerical range
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2. Ask your patient, 'Is there anything in your faith system I should
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trate the facility of applying the remedies that will be found necessary to
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explained to the clinical class, but it must not be divulged to his inquiring
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the valve is unaffected, for Kirkes and Wilks have both recorded instances
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teeth in a carious state. Both lower wisdom-teeth just
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munication between the profession at home and abroad.