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ment. because that is a modification of the abductioi
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circulation. He remained in good health, we are told,
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to the cupidity of the Spaniards of the Cordilleras. They
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around the incision made for drainage. If the pleural sac after thorough
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gant preparation, and possesses an advantage over some others, in that it holds the
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of secondary importance ; there is no haemorrhage, and
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energy, because they are either .ot absorbed or fail to be katabolized.
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teaching of clinical experience in adults would thus seem,
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ing. During the time of his paralysis he developed a taste for writing
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4. Hoffbauer, F. W.; Rames, E. D., and Meinert, J. K. :
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ers, professional and laymen are incessantly at M'ork in the service of
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Othcmcdco CO— '0-*co -^oiMcoio cooot~eooo '^ ':^ ^ ^ "^
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tributed to the medical journals, and edited Power's work
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together with the control, died of chronic diphtheria toxemia, from
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which the thyroid body takes apart. The pulsation of the
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cerebral artery, and this effect is coincident with the apoplexy, if the latter
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Anatomy andPhysiology at a meeting of the Court of Examiners
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being, with our existing knowledge, neither more nor less intelligible than
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safety and benefit. Use this enema once per day until the pa-
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larger text books. The busy practitioner would also find use for a
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digitalis was now omitted, and a quinine mixture given. The chest to
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infirm. Breakfast — men, five ounces of bread, half an ounce
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2; 379-92 and Reuler JB, et. al. The chronic pain-syndrome: misconceptions and
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Treatment.— The treatment of renal tubercle comprises that of tuber-
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the direct absorption, by the blood, of pus-corpuscles. The leucocytosis, fre-
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involved by contiguity ; therefore no objection exists to the use
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quantity of the berries of the belladonna, went to bed, was very restless,
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and the degree of the attachment will depend somewhat upon the