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the best judgments. A case of Dr. Braithwaite's will best illustrate this

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longer than in England and in this country. It is not improbable that

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of a 24-hour agar culture of bacillus from fetus of mare in 3 cc of salt

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and not even a bristle can be passed through it. The difficulty in children is

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chest diseases, his Jewish proclivities prevented his proper recognition by the

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Diseases. — Dr. Eugene Gehrung, of St. Louis, at-

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be an acceptable way to receive information about human health issues.

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acini, penetrated by wide, tortuous capillaries, and with-

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K Koeberle, and is reported in the Gazetla Ilebdomadaire^ October and

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ference Center. Thurs-Sun. 20 hrs. $150. Contact: CSA. 1065 E

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it may become dark and even black from decomposition and imbibition

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indeed, the contrary, as there is sometimes a greater disproportion

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Acid; Chlorphenol — Pleurisy; Acute — Pleurisy;

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This is shown by the facft that all of the portions drawn off before

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toms remain or supervene, consider the following medicines, and.

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These exceptions relate especially to those instances in

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reservoir. As a preliminary step I would always ad-

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rendered probable by symptoms of hepatitis and suppuration having piei

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ation, although such cases have been reported, and if a longer

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the symptoms of the various affections before entering into

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Edinb. il. .J.. 1888-9. xxxiv. 184-187. Also: Lancet. Loud ,

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his time under the name of lichen simi)lex, acute and chronic ; lichen

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but the use of the wet sheet is not less efficacious than the cold affusion

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" On. the whole we have derived much amusement as well as in-

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The Future of GyniEcologij . — What is to be the future of Gynaecology ?

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Signoroni's tourniquet, and compression was tried alone, all to

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platelet subpopulations. In collaboration with Dr. Henry Tan electron

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site of inoculation has always been chosen away from the invol-

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ally that portion occupying the posterior end of tlie

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encouragement, it has always to be remembered that our

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Blair says that "if a physician prescribed, within a few hours after

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on the contrary, the gap between the two ends of the nerve is so great that

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the maximum of about $200 Mex. which would amply cover the

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good water should contain cannot be fixed. Its significance must be

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Claffey, Michael Francis Univ. of Vt., '14 Naugatuck.

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of them trifling in degree, are yet capable of working together for evil, and may

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the College, a Member of the Council and Court of Examiners

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vaginal mucus adhering to it, near its tip. The patient

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tem from the crushing of the head, indicated an immediate

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ccecum were transposed, along with all the other abdominal viscera whose