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Daligny, Dr. Charles: Montgomery County Health Department 65

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veloped in the anterior part of the pleural cavity, it would have pushed

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In the process of reconstruction which is everywhere taking

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It may be excited by rubbing or friction of the skin, such as might

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constitutional questions have concerned caps on noneconomic awards.) The liability insur-

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1464. This infiltration is frequently found around tuberculous

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restricted the operation to cases in wliich dislocation of the

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ventilated, badly drained, dark, and foul. Horses, when crowded

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marked retraction at the epigastrium. Uncover sucli a

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intracranial pressure is a most important factor in the production of the

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divides into angiocholitis, periangiocholitis, cirrhosis.

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cant in more senses than one. " If doctors knew more,"

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It is palatable — a point of great importance in the

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For the succeeding ten days, there were the usual epistaxis,

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patient being placed upon the apparatus thus arranged, the unrolled strip

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seems to be from six to nine days, although it is said pimples

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participate in the affection. It is very remarkable that not unfre-

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rvill perceive that such a state of things must entail a

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efforts of all those interested in the advance of this subject, and so

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connected with, sometimes anastomosing with the blood-

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If " heart-cells " occur in large numbers in the sputum, we are

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that the Board may be reinforced in every county in the state by

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tumor was closely adherent to a number of large veins of new

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cent. In seven of the forty-five cases iron had previously failed ; the zinc was

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often seen this plan adopted, and it works admiiahly.'- ,

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paralytics and dementia praecox patients, but the proportion of amino-

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the colonies grown on the culture-medium. The bacilli in the loop

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jiluria sangvinis found in the tropics in large numbers in the blood; it causes

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yers for the prosecution were skilful and the police had