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circumstances, it is often difficult to deny that acute abdominal
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The Philadelphia Clinical Society.— ,\i iheaniiuMi med-
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first to perform an operation for imperforate anus.
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^ rise to the stationary, permanent essential paralysis. DucJienne
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bous end as can be easily passed into the uterus. The
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1. Dannreuther, W. T. : Leiomyosarcoma of uterus; identity,
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years been vomiting shortly after each meal, and always the
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6. Fixation tests, using as antigen the sputums of influenza cases preparer)
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to the direct action of the various poisons upon the nerve elements of the
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Every age, since the days of Hippocrates, has been distinguished,
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namely, bismuth in a solid or in the liquid form, hydrocyanic acid, hyos-
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(Plate v., Pig. 12), because it shows in a very instructive manner
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The descent is by the female line in each case so that
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fewest possible words, or his reader is sure to skip them ; and in the plainest possible words, or his
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decomposition and is of value in disease of the prostate gland
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screwed gently up and down until it had caught in the edge
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high a temperature. Such milk is not only below standard so far as
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litic coma is not even mentioned. Fournier is almost the
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of the knee for chronic arthritis. Univ. M. Mag., Phila.,
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yi, up to the attachment of the hose of the fountain-
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during life, was surprised to find how small and shallow were
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to fix the order of events in so few as eighty-three fleas, and it may be
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found and hyaline casts are not invariably present. The phtbalein
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nearly all died of tuberculosis ; but when they adopted
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in that it requires only abstracts to be returned by the town regis-
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Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. Google Book Search helps readers
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difference of opinion as to the occurrence of lesions in the brain,
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cocaine poisoning, the result of injection of cocaine for dental
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lus and to the effects of the toxin. It is undoubt-
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aimed at by apparatus be attained, its other advantages are manifest;
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The circulatory apparatus occasionally participates, with dilata-
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lower cells. The outline of the red blood corpuscles
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few words in reply to Dr. Cotton's paper, and to any others
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boat having three men on board — Terence, Purcell, "and son.
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The following is a partial list compiled by Hazen of places in the