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ments justly designate them as fit persons to whom I may now transfer it.
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was complained of by the patient ; then he had a very severe
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the fact of asymmetry in the same person — irrespective
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of alcohol in connection with eczema is especially noticed. In-
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employment of well-directed pressure over the lower part
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by the ammoniacal ointment. Several cases illustratire of the efficacy of
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ous dangers attending the parturient state because of sluggish
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that capriciousness which characterizes the puerperal
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Rev., St. Louis. 1887. xv, 621-625.— Jackson (E.) Sym-
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Hare's Text Book of Practical Therapeutics is in every sense
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Contraindications: Known hypersensitivity to benzodiazepines or tricyclic antidepres-
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dyspnoea. The level of the fluid should reach that of the second
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in the body by injecting an emulsion of hepatic tissue, a solvent of
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Dilatation of the stomach is not uncommon. It is to
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skin had become cool and moist, the voice husky, the
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(h) Meningococcus. — ^Type determination is not a routine {procedure.
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Napper raised subscriptions to furnish a small cot-
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Hospital. City Free Dispensan.-, and Xew and Well-Equipped I<alioratories, all under the exclusive control of
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it is so faithfully described by many of the best modern writers
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excited in the lower limbs. The case was diagnosed as one of haemorrhage
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From that report we learn some facts, and in it find expressed some
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Polk said no microscopic or bacteriological examina-
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when we consider the fact that the nature of their remedies is kept secret,
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Po6t-Graduate Medical School and Hospital, New York. Annual Announcement, 1896-97.
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toms produced, not by any derangement commencing in the brain or
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During early August a veterinary surgeon while doing a post-
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make an early diagnosis which would otherwise be overlooked until later,
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been languishing, not so much in body as in mind, so that I
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torting money from the victims who apply for its so-caJled medical or
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the blood are gotten rid of. Moreover, the dry hot-air bath acts as a
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anti-diphtheretic serum 1 In my student days at the hospital,
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Tongue firm and dry; much thirst, and no vomitiug since midnight