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patient was supposed, from the misleading history, to be suffering from

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chief danger would seem to be in washing out large cavities such as the bladder

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course in five or six days. If, however, it has been found impossible

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dyspepsia. Epicures and gormandizers by no means of necessity become

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juice there has been considerable difference of opinion. Normally

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vals with exacerbations of the fever. The ptosis disappeared

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• Grubcr, Milt. a. d. Grem. d. Med. u. Ckir.. Bd. xxv. S. 405. • Soupault.

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one operation which I performed there was just such a

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of tlie tumor ; they were strong and S23read out laterally into

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the body, weighing from ten to twelve pounds; it is situated

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Thompstone (1894). Journal of Tropical Medicine, p. 89.

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*' She stated that, for several months past, her health had been 'wretchedly

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belongs to every case, but genuine icterus betokens rather an accidental

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the dull sound there was complete absence of vesicular respiration ; a

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of a low vacuum, as described. The action of the Fin-

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may, perhaps, appear surprising not to find a single borderhne

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beneficial to the pain-racked or mangled patient than the

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tination seems to have depended upon the arrest in the develop-

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contract the pernicious habit of drinking, should also be removed

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ments upon scientific facts, have more or less positively proclaimed their

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were tuberculous. These were removed. The wrist was opened

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poit)t at two inches and two thirds at ten years of age, re-

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have gone through the globe. Central vision was immediately lost.

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making albumin more diffusible, or rendering it non-assimilable, permitted

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Virchow's concept of social medicine is an excellent working

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ous opening in the femoral variety and of the aponeu-

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pneumonia, as it has been judiciously termed — a most insidious

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casionally a subclavian thrill on the involved side.

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After she has taken her position on the table, which